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YES, We are still in Business.

Founded in 1888, Boylston Steam Specialties (now d.b.a. Boylston 21st Century) has been the leader in the steam valve industry. Pressure Reducing Valves that LAST. We exceed the industry standard in quality and performance. Too good to be true, listen to what a few of our customers had to say...

"I am very pleased to know that Boylston is still around. We have several pressure regulating valves that have been in service for over 40 years and are still working beautifully. I am also happy to know replacement parts are now readily available. Best of all though is how reasonable your rebuild service is, and who ever heard of getting a one-year warranty on a 40 year old rebuilt valve! It's great to see that Boylston will never sacrifice the quality of their products or their great customer service!"
                       Pipe Fitters and Steam Distribution Shop
                       University of Illinois Champaign, IL

"I am very happy with the Boylston brand regulators. I recently had to replace a Figure 90 Steam PRV that had been in this location for at least 30 years."
                       Goetze's Candy Co. Baltimore, MD

"When we first heard that Boylston was going out of business, it was a shock. We didn't look forward to having to replace your valve with the competitions model. We have used Boylston forever and we knew the quality of these valves. Basically there is no, and will never be a comparison. Now that Boylston is back we won't specify anything else."
                       HVAC Shop
                       Great Lakes Naval Base, Great Lakes, IL


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